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Doing 业务 with 宝博体育app官网下载

The Kittredge Center building at Holyoke Community College

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Holyoke Community College! We hope the information supplied here will help you better understand college policies and procedures with respect to purchasing commodities and services.

65年来, 宝博体育app官网下载 has provided educational access and excellence to residents of Western Massachusetts. In order to maintain the highest standards for its campus and programs, 宝博体育app官网下载 routinely partners with qualified vendors throughout the Pioneer Valley and beyond.

The mission of the Procurement Department is to obtain the best value in commodities and services for Holyoke Community College. We know that "best" value does not necessarily mean lowest price. Best design, quality, service, and best delivery are also considered.

宝博体育app官网下载's goal is to conduct business in an open and equitable manner. In addition, the involvement of small, minority, and women-owned businesses as defined by the Commonwealth Supplier 多样性 Office (SDO) 鼓励.


宝博体育app官网下载 encourages qualified vendors to participate in the bid process.


As a public institution, 宝博体育app官网下载 adheres to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts code of ethics.


Frequently asked questions about purchasing.


Details about the vendor payment process.